Ah… spring! Although you may be reading this in March, while technically the start of spring in Grey/Bruce, it often doesn’t feel like it. Rest assured, those longer, brighter days are ahead of us.

It is often said that spring is a time of renewal, coming out of months of cold, dark days, but I always liken spring to a ‘new, new year’ – when plans are being made for the rest of the year. There are outside projects to prepare for, which seem to multiply under the snow, summer vacations to plan, new activities to sign up for (don’t forget that early registration!) and an overall sense of feeling hopeful, ambitious and somewhat alive again that coincides with the reappearance of the sun, grass and birds.

This is our 13th year publishing Grey-Bruce Kids and I couldn’t be prouder that we have made it this far. I’m always grateful for our advertisers, writers and readers who support us each issue, allowing us to publish the only magazine for parents and caregivers in Grey/Bruce.

In this issue, our writers provide some important words of wisdom and advice, no matter the age of your children. Carrie Houghton, a long-time guidance counsellor at Kincardine District Senior School, provides us with some important tips to help your child prepare for life after high school.

Kala Stuckless, from Stuckless Healing Co., has an interesting and informative article about how to empower kids in the kitchen and the life lessons that are learned over a cutting board and by helping prepare a meal, while Julie Belanger explains the importance of encouraging emotional intelligence in youth.

Kaila Radan of Grey Bruce Public Health writes about strategies for quitting smoking or vaping, or how you can support someone on their journey.

Finally, Jackie Ralph from the Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce, Mental Health and Addiction Services educates us on the four rules for good mental health.

Thank you again to all our supporters, and happy spring!



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