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Publisher's note by Amy Irwin

Summer – we thought you’d never show your true self!

Winter seemed especially long this year in Grey/Bruce, and I know the kids are happy to finally be able to ride their bikes, scooter around town, and be outside without multiple layers on – I certainly am too!

Summer is always a gem in our beautiful corner of Ontario. The fact that we only get a few months of it a year makes it that much more special. I think we all try to wring every drop out of it, knowing that local highways will be closed again before we know it.

This issue marks our seventh summer of informing parents and caregivers in Grey/Bruce, and this issue is even more special to me because, in seven years of publishing, I have never written an article... a streak that ends in this issue! On Page 6, I detail my trip to Nicaragua with a group of like-minded residents from Port Elgin and across Ontario.

I had the privilege of travelling to Nicaragua for 10 days in February on a volunteer trip where we did our best to help the people of that very poor, and incredibly beautiful, country. It was an amazing adventure, and I’m proud – and also a little nervous – to be putting myself out there in print for the first time.

It was truly a life-changing experience, and I hope I was able to properly express that in my article.

We have other great stories in this issue as well. We learn more about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and how to help children afflicted with this in the article on Page 18. We hear from two local Moms, who tell us about the challenges their family faces and some of the misconceptions in the public regarding their children’s life-threatening allergies (Page 22), and we learn how playing various sports can actually help your child avoid injuries that come from overuse and under-recovery from their main sport (Page 28). Also make sure to find your Explore the Bruce Passport and then start planning your summer adventure!

I hope you and your family have a chance to soak up all summer has to offer, and I wish you blue skies, warm sand and lots of memories!

Have a wonderful summer!

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