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Hands-on history

COVID has changed the way children can experience and learn about history.

Time for taxes

With so many working from home in 2020, tax season could be different for Canadian workers.

Raising teenagers

It's difficult to know when you should let them learn lessons or get involved.

Sensory integration

Learn more about your sixth and seventh senses, and how they can impact your children.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet isn't a fad – it's focused on fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables.

Sweet recipes

It's maple syrup season, so try these family-friendly recipes from Foodland Ontario.

In this issue...

Read the latest from Amy Irwin, Publisher of Grey-Bruce Kids

Well, we are about to surpass one year of living with COVID. Everyone’s lives have changed in some way, and even for the better, with many of us becoming more […]
Here we are, three-quarters of a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Who thought, when the kids had their ‘two-week March Break,’ we’d be entering the holiday season with uncertainty around […]
Fall is usually when parents do the back-to-school happy dance, furiously shopping, meal planning, calendar syncing, and buying new shoes, lunch kits and backpacks. This somehow all gets done while […]