Welcome to winter!

Publisher's note by Amy Irwin

Why is that, as our children get older, seasons seem to fly by faster? It feels like I was just writing last winter’s Publisher’s Note and here we are again, dealing with snow, Christmas shopping, and trying to convince an 11-year-old to wear a coat!

Being mindful of how quickly our children grow up, we felt it was important to take our own advice from the Fall 2018 issue about travelling once schools starts, and we embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Greece. Our girls – aged 11 and 8 – missed the first two weeks of school and joined us, along with my in-laws and sister-in-law, who lives in London, England, to three Greek Islands, as well as Athens. Intergenerational travel is something we had never experienced, and we had a fantastic time making memories in another country, while experiencing another culture. There were lots of laughs, a few tears, and some learning curves, but mostly just fun!

This issue marks our 7th anniversary of publishing Grey-Bruce Kids. With 29 issues under our belt, there still seems to be no shortage of topics that parents and caregivers are thinking about, struggling with, and wanting a local expert’s opinion on. We hope you’ll learn some things in this issue by covering topics such as the impact of electronic devices on your child’s eyes, how our children learn through play, and information about diorama modelling as a hobby. We are also very excited to have our first youth contributor – Jenna Franklin, of Kincardine – who shares her volunteer trip of a lifetime to Haiti on Page 10. Trust me, our future is in good hands.

Thank you for your continued support of Grey-Bruce Kids. We are so very proud to be the only magazine dedicated to parents and caregivers in Grey and Bruce counties.

Happy winter!

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