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Regulating emotions

Tips for caring for children with ADHD and other neurodiversities

Bruce County beacon

Point Clark's lighthouse shines on an incredible history

Giver of life

Tips for staying properly hydrated this summer

On the road

There's a lot that goes into insuring your new driver

Dinner time!

Nutritional guidelines for your children, from birth to school age

Tomato season

Summer brings fresh tomatoes for you to experiment with

In this issue...

Read the latest from Amy Irwin, Publisher of Grey-Bruce Kids

Sweet, sweet summer in Grey/Bruce – it’s when the world starts to really feel alive again, our communities are bustling with visitors, farmers are working hard in the fields, and […]
Ah… spring! Although you may be reading this in March, while technically the start of spring in Grey/Bruce, it often doesn’t feel like it. Rest assured, those longer, brighter days […]
Somehow it’s winter again in Grey/Bruce. Each year the holiday season seems to creep up on me more quickly. While I’m well aware winter always comes after fall, I’m always […]