We’ve officially made through the darkest days of the year, in what turned out to be a pretty grey and drab winter in Grey and Bruce counties.

Now, though, the sun is setting at 6 p.m. or later and it will continue to shine its light past 6 p.m. until the first of November, with each day of the spring getting longer until it gives way to summer and fall, and we again begin our preparations to hunker down.

It’s glorious to have these extra hours of daylight to spend outside, whether it’s family activities with the kids, extra ‘me’ time with walks in the sun instead of under the cover of darkness, or more time to tackle the never-ending list of outside chores.

This issue marks the beginning of Year 12 for Grey-Bruce Kids, an accomplishment of which our family is very proud. With each passing year I wonder if we will ever run out of topics that interest local parents or educated and passionate local contributors to write for us.

I will forever be amazed at the knowledge, expertise and talent in our area, and there seems to be more topics than space to address them all in our pages.

This issue is no exception, as we have an excellent article by Jennifer Chreptyk on children’s anxiety and how to deal with this rising issue. Diane Owens, an Oji-cree Métis Elder whose cultural teachings come from First Nations and Métis Elders, ceremonies, communities and life experiences, shares why children are gifts to us.

Christy Kelly writes about her personal experience with divorce, with professional and practical tips to deal with the financial aspect of this difficult time in a person’s life. Mat Kelly profiles the beautiful and historic Eugenia Falls area, its history and the fun it provides for families.

Grey Bruce Public Health also gives us the tools we need to talk to our children about sexual health, an important topic that you will no longer put off or avoid after reading these tips and tricks.

I hope you get the chance to enjoy every minute of daylight this spring!



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