Welcome to Spring!

Publisher's note by Amy Irwin

I’m going to be honest, I’m a fair-weather type of girl. While I want to love winter – and each year I make big plans to go skiing, snowshoeing, and skating in order to fully embrace our own Great White North of Grey and Bruce counties – if I really stop to think about it, the idea of partaking in winter is much more appealing than actually leaving my house. 

Give me a good book, a great movie, some board games and my family safe at home, and I’m happy to “embrace” winter from inside. I have come to realize that this is OK, and I hope you had a chance to take advantage of winter in whatever way makes you the happiest.

We have some great articles in the Spring issue of Grey-Bruce Kids. For a long time I have wanted to cover a topic that seems to come up a lot when I’m out with my friends who have kids. It can be a sensitive topic, though my friends seem to have no shame when sharing their stories! More common than you think and nothing to be embarrassed about, as most Moms can relate, is the topic of pelvic floor health. Thank you to Janice Taylor for sharing her expertise about this important women’s health issue, and be sure to read her article on Page 19.

We were also honoured to interview Bobbi-Jo Moran about her passion project, ‘GROW rooted in love Maternity Home’ in Walkerton (Page 10). Young mothers are so lucky to have this new resource in our community. Andrew Kirkland, of Justwealth, shares tips and tricks to make the most of your family’s RESPs when planning for your child’s education (Page 6), and Andrea Clarke, of the Law Offices of Andrea Clarke, in Kincardine, contributed a practical and informative story on child custody and access in the case of parental separation and divorce (Page 16).

Finally, be sure to get a copy of ‘Meet Will and Jake: Best Buds Forever’ produced by Community Living Kincardine and District, which tells the story of two best friends, one of whom happens to have Down syndrome. This book was written by the ‘Homies with Extra Chromies,’ a group of parents who promote inclusion and acceptance while dispelling the many misconceptions of people who have disabilities. See their story on Page 22.

As always, thank you to our advertisers, contributors and readers. It takes a village to support small businesses, and we appreciate your continued support and belief in Grey-Bruce Kids magazine.

Happy spring!

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