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One sentence post on… how do Moms do this?

The Boss will be in the hospital for the next week or so after her appendix burst on Tuesday and I’m suddenly thrust into the role of actually doing some real parenting like fixing meals, getting kids dressed and to … Continue reading

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No way, Jose Bautista!

I love sports. They’re practically all I know, even moreso than writing and editing words. Having two girls hasn’t tempered my love for sports or expectations they (OK, I’ll cut Mama’s Girl some slack since she’s only 10 months old) … Continue reading

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Bullying must end

Once again, a teen has taken their own life after suffering at the hands of bullies. Jamie Hubley’s death last Friday was another in a string of suicides that have been in the Toronto media of late. Jamie – as … Continue reading

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Want to be published in Grey-Bruce Kids magazine?

Some days, it seems like Dec. 1 – the day our inaugural issue hits the streets – is a long way away. Other days, like when The Boss asks me when I’m going to quit being so lazy and start … Continue reading

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‘Love what you do’ – the greatest gift from Steve Jobs

As the world spent last week mourning the death of Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple computers and the catalyst behind its domination of the tech market, I spent some time wondering what all the fuss was really about. Yes, … Continue reading

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Cat heaven

The kids and I went for a walk tonight to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, despite the protests of The Hurricane, who was likely hoping for some post-supper TV time. For a few weeks now, “This may be … Continue reading

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Turns out there’s a lot of crying in hockey

Monday night was a big night for a lot of Dads in our town. No, it wasn’t all-you-can-drink-for-$8 day (note: if that exists somewhere, please leave a comment), it was the first hockey practice for our rag-tag group of four-year-olds.

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Kid #2 – The undocumented one

Some children have all the luck. They are healthy, beautiful, smart, funny, and deeply loved. Sometimes, these children have an entire blog dedicated to every tiny detail of their young life, from a wild trip to the library, to disgusting … Continue reading

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