Pumpkin Spice is my season. No doubt about it, there’s no time I love more than fall. Warm September (and hopefully October!) days, cool mornings and crisp nights – everything smells fresh but also nostalgic at the same time. The kids are back in school (yeah!), sweaters and leggings come out and warm comfort meals take over for barbecues.

If every day could be the ideal fall sunny September day, I would be a happy person!

This marks our 12th fall issue of Grey-Bruce Kids! It’s hard to believe that when we published our first fall issue, my youngest daughter was two and is now going into Grade 8, while our oldest was in Kindergarten and now is behind the wheel!

Every once in a while, I like to re-introduce our family to our readers, as Grey-Bruce Kids is a true, small, family-based company, not a big corporation. Our family works together – from writing, editing, selling advertising, and distribution to having the kids do some heavy lifting by loading magazines into my SUV and running the house at deadline time.

There always seems to be topics that parents want to know about and we’re now informing a second generation of parents since we started publishing! In this issue, Grey Bruce Public Health shares the updated guidelines for drinking alcohol and how to talk to your kids about safe choices.

The Nuclear Innovation Institute writes about the growing need for skilled trades, especially in our area, and how we can encourage curiousity about these career choices in our children.

Kincardine resident Matt Minty, a qualifying psychotherapist, shares tips for maintaining your mental health, even in trying times, while Esperanza Eusbio from the Yoga Barn writes about the art of letting go.

Finally, ActivEars Hearing Centres provide their expertise about hearing health for the entire family.

Thank you to our readers, writers, advertisers and distributors – I hope you enjoy Pumpkin Spice season this year as much I do!



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