“The days are long but the years are short.” 

It’s a quote that every young parent hears at some point from well-meaning, experienced people, when they are in the trenches of parenting. It’s only when you are able to take a step back that you can truly appreciate this statement.

With this issue, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of publishing Grey-Bruce Kids and I’m not sure how we got here so fast. Publishing this magazine, much like parenting, is a true act of love. We started this publication when our daughters were four years and 10 months old (read our full story on Page 4), and have raised the magazine alongside them.

Starting it was much like parenting – learning as you go, feeling overwhelmed, feeling proud, asking for help/not asking for help, late nights and early mornings, some tears, some laughs, and making mistakes, while celebrating our successes.

It’s certainly much easier to shut down the laptop at night than put kids to bed, and publishing our three magazines (sister publications Grey-Bruce and Huron-Perth Boomers) requires far fewer snacks, no toilet training or breaking up of fist-fights than raising a family. Yet, reflecting on the last 10 years, I recognize how much I have grown both as a parent and as a business owner.

The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child (or a business)” is also very apt. This publication has thrived because of you – our loyal readers, writers, graphic designers, advertisers, distributors, family, friends and local cheerleaders.

I am honoured to have provided a free local resource for parents in Grey and Bruce counties over the past decade. After the last 18 months, the only thing we know for sure is that nothing is for sure – you just have to enjoy the ride while you are on it!

My thanks to our contributors in this issue – Dr. Brad Murray writes about posture and how it affects your children. Tori Hamilton shares her wisdom on how to stay healthy in all aspects of your life. Sande and Rick Irwin reflect on what being a grandparent means to them and how to maximize your time spent with grandkids. We also check in on some of our ‘Cool Kids’ to see what they’re up to now (hint, they’re still awesome!).

Thanks again for your continued support!



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