Fall is usually when parents do the back-to-school happy dance, furiously shopping, meal planning, calendar syncing, and buying new shoes, lunch kits and backpacks. This somehow all gets done while trying to get the last few vacation days of summer in before the routine of school and extra-curricular activities start again.

This year, obviously, looks a little different due to the upheaval to the norm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we’re pre-occupied with buying facemasks, restocking hand sanitizer, and keeping on top of the many changes to the school schedule. We’re also trying to explain to our kids the new rules they’ll face at school, or why we’ve decided to keep them home to do online learning. We’re doing all this while crossing our fingers and toes for a safe, healthy and hopefully long school year, whether you’ll send your students back or keep them home.

This fall is more about anxiety than exhilaration. COVID has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including here at Grey-Bruce Kids magazine. We still have the same great local content, resources and advertisers in this issue, but you won’t be able to pick up a copy at the arena, school or grocery store — instead you can read us anywhere and everywhere as we are again exclusively digital. Our user-friendly platform allows direct links to all websites, which makes it easy for you to learn more about what interests you and to visit our amazing local advertisers (who still need your support!).

While we do hope to return to print soon, in the meantime please like our Facebook page and interact and share our posts, subscribe to our online newsletter, and support the advertisers who were able to support us in these difficult times.

In this issue, we tackle many of North America’s most important issues, including having hard conversations with your children about the state of the world, how racism isn’t just an American problem, how to keep your bored kids out of the snack cupboard, and how our local archives are looking for people to chronicle their family’s journey through COVID.

We also have a heart-wrenching account of one family’s journey through infertility, which is important for all parents to read, whether or not you’ve shared their experience.

Thanks again for reading, and I wish you and your family continued safety and well-being in these uncertain times!



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